Wafflemat Foundation System Installation In Mobile, Alabama

Attached are seven pictures of a Wafflemat Foundation System installation in Mobile, Alabama. The foundation is for a large (6700 sf) custom home built smack on Mobile Bay. It used 1580 Waffleboxes.

Local building code required a deeper perimeter beam, because it’s located right on the water’s edge. The top of the foundation had to be elevated well above existing ground, because the area is often flooded when hit by large storms. As you know, deep beams are usually not required with the Wafflemat Foundation System. However, when local building codes require it, or the foundation needs to be elevated, or the soil is highly expansive, or the building is heavily loaded, Wafflemat Systems will also work well with deeper beams. The photos show what a Wafflemat System with deep beams looks like. The principle of the Wafflemat Systems absorbing the soil expansion is still the same–with or without deeper beams–as long as the beam widths are kept within limits.

Also, this foundation is being reinforced with rebar, per local building practice, not PT cables.

Finally, this project is a direct result of the owner searching the Internet for ‘strongest foundations,’ seeing our website, then having his engineer call us and discuss the system. The owner’s only concern was to get the most reliable foundation possible, and he did extensive research and saw nothing better than Wafflemat Systems (that’s a quote). We then consulted with his engineer via phone, then in person, and in it went — Roll Tide!