A Wafflemat Foundation Doesn’t Stop for Rain

As rains come, work on a Wafflemat Foundation System does not stop. In the first three photos, you’ll see Wafflemat Systems being installed even with major water on the foundation pad area. In the next three photos, the developer was not so lucky. The in-ground ribs in the foundation took five days to pump out, and what remained was a mess — necessitating a re-dig of the trenches that produced a pile more of off-haul.

Wafflemat Foundation Systems not only saved 20% in material costs vs alternative foundation designs, it also was installed in four days vs. three weeks for the initial digging, pumping, and then re-digging for the in-ground rib foundation.

The last two photos say it all — Wafflemat Foundation Systems deliver, even on a rainy day.