Wafflemat Foundation Systems Slabs Provide Superior Performance

This paper provides a discussion and summary of the performance of Wafflemat Foundation Systems slabs on grade. The discussion contained herein is based upon studies performed by the geotechnical firm of Purcell Rhoades & Associates (ref. 1), as well as observations of the performance of installed Wafflemat Foundation Systems (Appendices A-D) over a 15-year period. VIEW NOW

Why Using A Soil Cap On Expansive Soil Is Not Always The Solution

UTF and In-ground foundations will not absorb any of the upward forces generated by expansive soil that exceed the total gravity load of the soil cap, foundation, and structure. These foundations are in full contact with the soil. Above the equilibrium point for all vertical loads, these foundations will move upward. VIEW NOW

A Developer’s View of Wafflemat Foundation Systems

The development strategy created by Century 22 Communities is based on the belief that a home, and its surrounding community, should be designed and constructed to last 100 years. In order to achieve the 100-year sustainability goal, C22C has gone to great lengths to analyze and re-design all the systems and components of a typical home to improve the reliability and reduce life-cycle cost. VIEW NOW

Site Development and Wafflemat Foundation Systems: Implementing the Foundation Forming System with Minimal Changes to Grading and Utility Plans

If a project is planned from the beginning to use a Wafflemat Foundation System site development is no more complicated than with any other type of foundation. In fact, because a Wafflemat Foundation sits higher above the graded pad height than either ribbed or uniform-thickness slabs, street and curb heights can be elevated an additional 6 to 8 inches, resulting in significantly reduced costs for excavation and the off-haul of spoils. VIEW NOW

PT Wafflemat Slab with Basement Foundation System

Pacific Housing Systems had asked Front Range Engineering, LLC to conduct an analysis of the current Wafflemat Slab with Basement Foundation System and determine what extent of swelling and compressible soils it could withstand. VIEW NOW