Santa Rosa: Choose a Wafflemat Foundation for your house and we’ll give $1,500 cash back – direct to you.

It’s not a discount. It doesn’t go to your general contractor.  It’s $1,500 back direct back to you, the homeowner. There’s not a lot of text here to explain much more, no fine print. It’s pretty straightforward. Choose a Wafflemat foundation for your house, have us install it (you pick your general contractor, we are a sub), and you’ll get a check back from us about 4-6 weeks after we’re done. Again, pretty straightforward.

And, if you have an alternative foundation design, we’ll pay for the structural engineering to switch to a Wafflemat.

MKM Engineering is one of the largest engineering firms in Santa Rosa, having served the area since 1983, and has done hundreds of Wafflemat foundation designs across the US including dozens and dozens around Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, Petaluma, and Healdsburg.  They will do the structural engineering necessary for you to switch to Wafflemat if you have a different foundation design. We’ll pay for that AND give you $1,500 cash back when Wafflemat is installed in your house. One more of those straightforward things.

(Note: even though car companies provide cash back offers, and phone companies pay to switch from one carrier to another, we’ve never seen anyone in construction do one let alone both! We’d like to think it’s a trend we’re starting for the industry.)

Finally, why Wafflemat?

We can tell you that Wafflemat is the world’s leading foundation for single and multi-family residential and light commercial structures built on expansive soils (rocky, compressible, and collapsible soils too). Over 25,000,000 sf has been installed across the US since its introduction in 1993 – and, after 10 years of R/D previous to that – all without one reported structural failure. That’s a track record unparalleled in the industry and shouts performance.

In terms of cost, the results are in for foundations in the Santa Rosa area:

  • Wafflemat Foundation:                                         $19 to $24 per sf
  • 12” Uniform Thickness Foundation:                     $21 to $26 per sf
  • Spread Footing Foundation (with Floor):             $25 to $32+ per sf
  • Pier and Grade Beam Foundation (with Floor):   $27 to $35+ per sf

Not only does Wafflemat provide superior performance, it also delivers demonstrated & measurable cost savings.

Where do you start?

You already have!  The next step is to watch ‘Six Steps to Build a Wafflemat Foundation.’ In 3:48 seconds you’ll have a handle on what Wafflemat is about, the components involved, how they’re installed, and why a Wafflemat foundation provides superior performance. 

Then, call Tom Richards at 925.683.2739 or email him, and talk about making your foundation a Wafflemat foundation, and getting not only superior performance, but also $1,500 cash back.

Oh, and if you don’t, at least ask your contractor why they’re charging you more and not giving you any cash back . . .