Custom Home Near Austin, Texas

Attached is a sequence of nine photo’s of the Wafflemat Foundation System being installed in a custom house near Austin, Texas.

Note the large chunk of orange-colored soils in the second photo. The foundation for this house was built on some of the most highly expansive clay soils we’ve ever worked, with edge lifts alone of over 6 inches. You’ll also see use of in-ground beams in these photo’s. Usually, the Wafflemat Foundation System’s individual ‘Waffleboxes’ sit directly on grade, but because of the very high soils expansion in this particular location, some in-ground trenching was necessary, as the beams needed to be deeper than what is normally produced from the top of Wafflemat Foundation slab to ground level.

Wafflemat Foundation System is being hailed as the “100 year foundation” in Texas because it is one of the few systems that can handle the highly expansive soils in the region. For more information on our solutions specifically for Texas soils, check out the White Paper in the Hot Topics section “Texas Ribbed Wafflemat Foundation System Design: See why it’s the 100-year foundation,” or go to¬†and learn all about what’s happening in the great state of Texas!