7,000 SF Custom Home In Yountville, CA

Attached are 10 photo’s of the largest single-family residence we’ve ever done with the Wafflemat Foundation System — a 7,000 sf slab for a multi-million dollar custom home in Yountville (near Sonoma), California. In addition to the main slab, a 1,400 sf guest house and 1,200 sf garage were also built with the System, for a total of nearly 10,000 sf installed.

Soils at the site posed a double problem in terms of foundation design, as they were both highly expansive and subject to liquefaction. Wafflemat Foundation System was chosen over two alternatives (a 13″ uniform thickness foundation, and a drilled pier & grade beam system) not only because it cost less, but also because it delivered superior performance when compared to the alternatives, and the owners did not want to risk future warranty issues.

Being able to save money in a project is great for a developer, architect, engineer, or contractor. Being able to sleep at night knowing there’s not going to be any structural failures for the life of the project is even better!