235 Homes In Mexico

A large developer in Mexico recently chose Wafflemat for a project of 235 new homes in expansive soils following a year-long observation of the System in eight homes (four P/T, four re-bar) built in the same location. Only minimal soils prep — clearing of organics and leveling of pads — was done. No import/export or re-compaction was performed. The section consists of a 8.5″ Wafflebox with a 5″ slab, 13.5″ total above grade.

The soils parameters were:
em center lift = 6.5 feet
em edge lift = 3.4 feet
ym center lift = 0.66 inches
ym edge lift = 3.20 inches

By comparison, highly expansive soils parameters in the US are:
em center lift = 5 feet
em edge lift = 4 feet
ym center lift = 1.75 inches
ym edge lift = 1 inch